Cheap, Coersive Sex is Not a Romantic “Relationship” !!!

Penis-loopy Stalkinger, (my moniker for that low-life, sociopathic skank, — whose real name shall not be spoken) loves to use perverted “romantic relationship” euphemisms to describe her cheap, past sexual exploitations of my husband to further her sinister frauds and deceits, or her felony crimes committed against the State of California and against the federal, United States government for unlawful purposes and for her related blackmailing and extortion schemes.

I’ll never forget the day she brazenly approached me, to tell me that: “quote”: — she was not going to let my jealousy interfere with her “relationship” with my husband. I realize now that her appalling and shocking, intimidation tactics were just pathetic, delusional mind games. Or in other words, the self-abusing, fantasies of a spurned and vindictive sperm stalker.

The only problem with the abhorrent nature of her preposterous spins on reality are that the law does not recognize such socially insignificant, so-called meretricious associations. There is no legal standing recognized between them for any type of litigation purpose. No matter how indignantly the sanctimonious shrew doth protest, she is not entitled to any such improper legal considerations.

A purported scandalous association has no legal merit, regardless of her perverted inversions of the vague meaning of the word, “relationship”. Does a whore or a sexual preditor have a socially recognized or dating relationship with a client, or their assaulted victim ?
Uhh, I don’t think so.

Stalking a victim is not a “relationship”, except in the mind of an unhinged from reality, social predator, despite her histrionic laundry list of exceptions to any moral and legal principles, or the law.

People who are normal are aghast when I recite the list of crimes and unlawful acts and moral transgressions, perpetrated against my husband and myself by this crazy and evil witch.

But because she wears a snowflake transgression, pink vagina hat, these outrageous criminal behaviors by her were blatantly ignored by the biased court. And this court proceeded to act without any legal authority to do so, to render reliefs the court had no power to grant.

But despite our pleas to the court, to right all the legal wrongdoings and miscarriage of justiice that have transpired in this case, the court refuses to admit to, or to correct its corrupt and void acts.

The Sperm Stalker’s crimes of moral turpitude include :

1. The sociopathic targeting of my husband for over 10 years, while she was still married to another successful man.

Apparently she thought my husband was related to a very powerful, aristocratic, wealthy family by his unique, european titled, or noble surname. Which name she wrongfully and illegally appropriated for future frauds upon the Social Security Administration.

2. Ingratiating herself to my husband by engaging in corporate espionage to give him access to her competing company’s, corporate secrets.

3. Using this business positioning as leverage to harrass him by phone and emails and to justify her stalking of him under the specious cover of business related events. Eventually she seduced him, with her love-bombing charms and then used those predatory indiscretions as a means to coerce him into “being her friend and mentor”. She followed him across three continents to claim to others that there was a reciprocal or substantive personal association. Otherwise known as business networking. When her company fired her, for her own, poor preformance, she pressured him to give her a job, or else she threatened to ruin his.

4. When she set up her sperm donor account at the California CryoBank in Palo Alto, CA., she covertly informed the staff by paperwork that her known donor was also her husband, who traveled a lot.

5. After her fertility doctors intervention, she stalked my husband down to Malibu, California to coerce him under threats, duress and other intimidation tactics to privately act one last time as a known donor. She claimed that the sperm in the sperm bank was not viable, and if he accepted her indecent proposition, no one would ever know about the actual method of donation. She extracted this donated sperm, by maliciously lying to him to sexually assault him by effective means of a rape.

6. At age 37, after she got pregnant through this assault, she gave the hospitial on its pre intake form, the name of my husband, as her legal husband, and used his social security info, birthdate, etc., so she could by frauds or her unlawful acts, have his name illegally placed on the California birth certificate. She even falsified her own maiden name.

7. She used this materially false document to commit further ID thefts to acquire a misleading US passport.

8. In 2001, after I discovered the sperm bank hostage holding, she refused to destroy the sperm or to correct the falsified birth certificate unless we paid her outrageous, extortion fee, demand of $60,000 dollars.

9. For 17 years she has portrayed herself as some poor, abused victim, when it was her choice to be a go-it-alone-babymama. Who then demanded that if the sperm donor did not divorce his family to be with her, he and his vicious wife would never play a role in “her” precious child’ s life, born during her valid marriage to another man.

10. She kept this innocent child to herself, with her husband’s full emotional and financial support for over eight years. Then, in blatant “collusion with her husband, she duped the Superior Court of Alameda County, California, by using the falsified birth certificate, to ask for sole custody, corruptly misrepresenting facts to wrongly invoke the court’s preliminary jurisdiction.

But, the court violated due process protections because it never established first, as it is required to do, to determine who were the proper persons subject to its further jurisdiction or to make the actual determinations of who was the legal father for any precipitous custody orders to be valid.

The court proceeded to act beyond its authorized authority to grant reliefs it had no power or rights to grant. Its subsequent orders are null and invalid or “wholly void” on its face. And its deceptive “judgment of paternity”, in legal effect, still does not defeat the established marital presumption of paternity.

Because, the undisputed factual findings of the court, as a matter of law, still imply that the only legal father is the mother’s former husband. Dr. Jokems-on-me, Stockholm Syndrome Stalkinger.

Thus the legally invalid, determination, merely confirms the sperm donor’s irrelevant, biological connection. It does not give him any “presumed parent status” to be subjected to any further, California family law proceedings.

11. After screaming about the wife’s alleged inappropriate concerns, or her legitimate spousal-parental interests about the well-being of “her child”, she hid her locations in California, for years and ended up in 2014 moving over 4000 miles to live within 30 miles of the wife’s Florida residence and second home without any related documented employment.
Proof positive to that she is an ongoing threat to our family.

But, the court doesn’t want to pay attention to any of these disturbing acts, showing the conduct of a calculating, social predator or a mentally disturbed personality.
She continues to howl in outrage that the evil, vindictive wife has no right to protest, her actions or the right to tell the truth to others about her crimes of moral turpitude, or to demand that the law intervene to hold her accountable, or that the court do its legal duties to compel its agents to correct the fraudulent government documents that so subversively and adversely affect my marital interests and privacy rights, or my fundamental due process protections.

Luckily, as if this update, two federal fraud investigations are occurring. Her crimes, constitute violations of Title 18 US Code Sections, 371, 1001, 1028, 1541-1546, ( false statements and deceits to defraud the federal government, to commit identity document and benefit frauds.)

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Most people would find it shocking to discover that in California, despite mandatory spousal consent laws and information material for disclosure purposes in conducting transactions that might affect future marital property interests, California CRYO Banks don’t bother to verify the sensitive nature of relationships of known parties to ask them proper consent questions when they broker, as a third party, sperm donation transactions.

I am not discussing anonymous contributions, pay to play deals, where a CRYOBANK tests, screens and resells the sperm for a profit.

I’m talking about the fact that any hustler with a vagina can “open an account” and get an otherwise, emotionally unavailable,  known sperm donor to go in and deposit sperm for her amoral, recreational, reproductive uses without alerting a married donor’s spouse to the suspicious transaction, that could possibly affect her future marital property equity interests.

Apparently in the eyes of altruistic institutions such as CALIFORNIA CRYOBANK, married men own their sperm.  They consider these unique, disposable, tadpole swimmers (gamete substances) to be the “separate property” of a male donor and thus a man does not need to get his wife’s consent to “gift” his sperm away to parties “outside of” the marriage.

But in the reverse situation, women whose positions, which are “similarly situated”, like being “married”  are held to a much stricter standard.  They must get the written consent of their spouse to gift their female gamete substances away.  Even if a woman is not married, but in a relationship with a significant other, she still needs her sexual partner’s consent and written permission to contract out her eggs to another third party.  Women it seems are treated as chattel or second class citizens.  Who do not have the proper sensibilities to control the use of their “separate property” eggs.

You would think with equal protection, due process laws in place… What is good for the GOOSE,  should be good for the GANDER ???

But, OOOpps…. apparently that would be an inappropriate, biased assumption.  Male ducks can be promiscuous as heck, with no accountability.  But let’s see,  Geese ?  Well, gggeeseus ….  they get asked such invasive questions as to “who is their actual goose husband” or “what goose are they regularly shagging or living with ?”   And sorry gals,   but us Cryobanks need to protect our legal behinds and we need that male’s  signature for such a goose-gamete egg transfer.

Back in 2001, when I found out that my ducky husband had been deceitfully manipulated and cozened into acting as a known sperm donor for his sociopathic business “friend”, who was a married woman, I tracked down and called up the mystery sperm bank and was told outright that I had no right, whatsoever to ask any personal questions about my husband’s ejaculation “transaction”.  That, by the way, blatantly violated California marital consent laws.  The bank was appalled at my rightous indignation.  So they characterized my justified alarm and concerns for my interests as being inappropriate, rude and claimed I was unduly aggressive towards their staff. Because I dared to challenge their donor consent policies and to ask personally invasive questions about the sperm recipient.

To conduct a business in California, a business has to follow all of California’s laws.  CA. CryoBank (CCB ) apparently felt certain inconvenient, pesky CA. transaction laws do not apply to their sperm banking operations.

Unfortunately, it took seven more years and a discovery subpoena to finally uncover all the deceptions committed by the unscrupulous sperm recipient. She had fraudulently misrepresented material facts, (like, alleging that my husband was her spouse with a different last name) to open her sperm bank account.  She was maliciously able to do things like this without any proof (-i.e., a marriage certificate) to verify her relationship status in order to skirt legal hurdles.   HER word was good enough for them in their books.

No wonder the sperm bank was so arrogantly hostile to me.  I was cast in the worst of light by the toxic dispersions of an interloper’s smear campaign. Who told the clinic that I was the EX-WIFE, when that was a lie. CCB was covering their legal backside, because they knew they had never bothered to ask my husband  “who he was actually married to” when he filled out their vague information questionnaire.   They just asked him, “if” he was married.   Then he just handed over his little cup, full of SWEDISH SPERM and signed away his rights to the use of his superior “sailors”.  If they had asked relevant consent questions like, …. is this woman opening the account your wife ?….perhaps the sperm bank just might have discovered there was a possible conflict of legal interests and fraud.

Those pesky, investigative, invasions of personal situations are just so inappropriate to ask a man according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.   But for a woman, no question or personal detail is beyond scrutiny.  Sperm is just a commodity that ethically blind Sperm-Banks profit from.  So storing coveted sperm for some manipulative, lying hustler was no problem, because the crone paid the bill.

As certain truths game to light that year, my husband asked that the remaining ( supposedly  non-viable) sperm held by CCB be destroyed.  We argued this because the deranged Babymama had by deceits and false promises coerced my husband into donating sperm to her and then later she reneged on all the legal considerations made in order for this suspicious property transfer to have happened.

The indignant babymama refused to close her CCB account and destroy the remaining sperm upon my husband’s requests.  She Challenged both us and the CCB, claiming that my husband’s sperm (acquired by frauds) was her sole, legal property !    

In order to determine who owned the suspect, remaining sperm still in CCB ‘s possession, CCB told us we needed to go to court to litigate the matter.  Forcing us to hire a lawyer to protect our interests in the disputed sperm property, which had been taken hostage and was being held for a $60K ransom by the evil, succubus from HELL.

CCB did agreed to “freeze” the disputed account, because of the woman’s ever growing, outrageous conduct, exposure of her lies, hoaxes and other obvious crimes and deceptions.  Their policies and contract dictated that if the social parasite “was married”, then technically her real husband’s written consent was required to open an account!  Voiding the storage contract.

The petulant shrew threw herself into a fit of indignant rage.  With her twisted, perverted tantrums she decided to show us who had true integrity and who held the moral high ground. Declaring that if we wanted a war, she would gladly wage a WAR on us and our marriage.

She continued her madness by holding my husband’s sperm hostage and for ransom for the next 18 months.  In fact, she threatened him with procreating other unwanted, possible spawns unless he gave into her extortion demands.

In 2008, the sociopathic Stalker submitted colorful pleadings and perjurious declarations to the court to procure inappropriate paternity actions against the sperm donor. She rewrote history and described this prior incident with the California Cryobank (during 2001 to 2003) to the judge as us – contemptuously harassing her, (by us merely hiring a lawyer (in 2002) to deal with her frauds) and perjured documents and lies, – and to mischaracterize our actions as somehow, an aggressive, “vindictive” attack on her dignity and indignant integrity. An unwarranted intrusion on her rights of privacy and liberty rights to create and raise her conceptions as she damn well pleased, without any outsider interferences.

It is a Good thing … Big numbers on lawsuits have a way of humbling the most arrogant !

If ardent feminists want to yell loudly … “Women’s bodies, Women’s choices !!!” … Then how about arguing it should then be a Women’s total responsibility ?

Look,  If some perverted, sperm-stalking psycho-bitch or mentally-deficient harridan wants to gallivant about the streets, being wildly promiscuous and unencumbered by life’s realities and consequences, choosing to have unprotected sex and then later on making the unilateral, one sided choice to bear a child…  then by all means, go ahead with your little vanities, have at it.   But you dear, are on your on.  If you want to play in the big girl leagues, you need to be the one who pays for your absurd indiscretions and choices.

Just don’t ask me ( the betrayed wife) to pay for your adultery, sins or your vain, malicious procreation choices.  Unless you want me to now also play a MOMMY role ?

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