Cheap, Coersive Sex is Not a Romantic “Relationship” !!!

Penisloopy Stalkinger loves to use perverted “romantic relationship” euphemisms to describe her exploitive, cheap, coersive sexual encounters with my husband. I’ll never forget the day she came up to me to tell me that “”she was not going to let my jealousy interfere with her “relationship” with my husband.”” Or her pathetic, sociopathic dreams, delusions and emotionally abusive fantasies.

The only problem with the nature of her spins on reality is that there never was any socially recognized, or any legally recognized, irrelevant, so-called-“relationship” – ever between them, …no matter how much the shrew doth protest.

They had a meretricious, scandalous or business association, regardless of how she perverts and inverts the meaning of the word “RELATIONSHIP”. Does a whore or a sexual preditor have a socially recognized or dating relationship with a client or their assaulted victim ? I think not.
Stalking a victim is not a “relationship”, except in the mind of an unhinged from reality, histrionic predator, despite her laundry list of exceptions to moral principles and other laws to the contrary.

People who are normal are appalled when I recite the litany of unlawful acts and moral transgressions perpetrated against my husband and my marital interests. Which the court connivingly turned a blind eye to, showing its inherent bias.


1. She targeted my husband while married to another man, because she thought he was desended from a noble, aristocratic, and wealthy family.

2. She ingratiated herself to him by giving him access to her company’s corporate secrets.

3. She used this leverage to harrass and stalk him. Eventually she seduced him and used that as a means to coerce him to ” be her friend and mentor .” She followed him across three continents to claim a business association. AKA as networking it. When her company fired her, she pressured him to give her a job or else she would ruin his.

4. When she set up her sperm donor account at the California Cryo Bank in Palo Alto, CA., she covertly informed the staff that her known donor was also “her” husband.

5. After her fertility doctors intervention, she stalked my husband down to Malibu, to coerce him under threats, and duress-intimidation tactics to privately act as a known donor, because the sperm in the sperm bank was not viable. She maliciously extracted his donated sperm, by raping or sexually assaulting him.

6. At age 37, after she got pregnant through this assault, she gave the hospitial on its pre intake form, the name of my husband, as her legal husband, and used his social security info, birthdate, etc., so she could by frauds or her unlawful acts, have his name illegally placed on the California birth certificate. She even falsified her own maiden name.

7. She used this materially false document to commit further ID thefts to acquire a misleading US passport.

8. In 2001, after I discovered the sperm bank hostage holding, she refused to destroy the sperm or to correct the falsified birth certificate unless we paid her outrageous, extortion fee, demand of $60,000 dollars.

9. For 17 years she has portrayed herself as some poor, abused victim, when it was her choice to be a go-it-alone-babymama. Who then demanded that if the sperm donor did not divorce his family to be with her, he and his vicious wife would never play a role in “her” precious child’ s life, born during her valid marriage to another man.

10. She kept this innocent child to herself, with her husband’s full emotional and financial support for over eight years. In collusion with her husband, she duped the Superior Court of Alameda county, California, using the falsified birth certificate, to ask for sole custody, by corruptly misrepresenting facts to wrongly invoke its jurisdiction. But, the court never established first, as it is required to do, to determine who was the actual legal father for any precipitous custody orders to be valid.
The court acted beyond its authorized authority to issue an invalid or a “wholly void on its face”– “judgment of paternity”, that in legal effect still does not defeat the established marital presumption of paternity. Because the undisputed factual findings of the court, as a matter of law, imply that the only legal father is the mother’s former husband. Dr. Jokems-on-me Stockholm Syndrome Stalkinger. Thus the legally invalid, “judgment of paternity” merely confirms the sperm donor’s irrelevant, biological connection, it does not give him any “presumed parent status” to be subjected to any further, California family law proceedings.

11. After screaming about my alleged inappropriate concerns, or parental interests about the well being of “her child”, she hid her locations in California, and ended up in 2014 moving to within 30 miles of my Florida residence and second home. Proof that she is a threat to our family.

But let’s not pay attention to any these disturbing facts….. showing the conduct of a calculating, social predator and mentally disturbed personality ….

Because, a wife has no liberty rights to protest, or to tell the truth, or to demand that the law intervene, or that the court do its legal duties to compel its agents to correct the fraudulent government documents that affect my marital interests and my privacy rights, or my due process protections.

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California Court corrupts due process rights

Our lawyer informed us that the court discounted the babymama attorney’s claims or her arguments at the unjustified hearing, and ruled at the bench that if she wanted to make any new motions, she needed to submit such motions by July 6th, 2017. Well Nothing happened, So we assumed when her flying monkey did not submit any further pleadings for relief, the matter was moot.

The lower court has no power to act or to intervene in matters that are already at the appeallate level. ( Cal. Code of Civil Procedure, section 916.)
A void judgment is a legal nullity, and because my husband had no other recognizable legal interests or standing status as a person subject to any other unrelated, collateral family law matters, the court had no jurisdiction to hear any unjustified petitions for reliefs.

But, at the end of July we received the court’s bizarre and corrupt “void on its face”ruling. Its issuance defies all manner of any judicial logic or sound reasoning. Apparently the judge forget her own oral rulings at the hearing, and later in her chambers after re-reading the unsupported merits, ( and by perhaps confusing the case with another case), decided she could go ahead and show her vindictive, biased nature by awarding unauthorized legal fees in the form of a sanction, against a man who was not ever even married to the other party, by invoking inapplicable, Ca. Family Codes under section 2030. Whic fee awards statutes are specifically restricted to only divorce related proceedings.
But the two people in question were never married, or “subject to” the court’s limited jurisdiction. The ruling was obviously against law, and an act beyond the court’s authority. Because the court had still had “no subject matter jurisdiction” over the parties presented, or any powers to hear the case, or its unsupported sham pleadings. The order is VOID ON ITS FACE, or a legal nullity, which can be ignored. In effect it is no judgment, because it is Constitutionally invalid and worthless.

The ALAMEDA COUNTY, CA. FAMILY COURT continues to act beyond its authority, and is OUT OF CONTROL. On every due process, constitutional level it is conspiring against citizens rights. ( See Tiltle 28 USC 241.) The judge, the dishonorable Alice Vilardi, was stunningly incapable, incapacitated or incompetent, to rule on these estoppeled matter. So at worst, her own actions showed how biased and covertly, corrupt she is. She has belligerently and flagrantly, abused her discretion and judicially authority, to commit color of law abuses, by using her limited judicial powers to destroy the substantive and Constitutional rights of the likes of men or ( disfavored litigants) she doesn’t personally like. Merely because they dared to cite the law to her, and or the legal standards that applied to the facts, to in effect, challenge her unjustified and unauthorized, previous orders, which constitutes invalid nullities, on appeal at the appellate level.

Which is the only reasonable interpretation one can draw as to why she decided to financially sanctioned my husband for $12,000 under inapplicable Family code sections such as 2030 and 271. She even failed to give any relevant, actual finding of specific, describable, conduct that could warranted such a sanction, … especially after she previously ruled the court had no further jurisdiction over the parties, because they did not live in California, and on top of that fact, they were never married. The Filing of an arguable appeal against an invalid, void order is not a frivolous act or an act that obstructs justice. The judge is acting beyond any reason, her abusing of her discretion in blatant defiance of the law is appalling.

The California Judicial Performance Review Board was asked to investigate these appalling, color of law abuses.
The family court is a kangaroo court, and it appears it is the rigged game to abuse men and to financially enrich the mooching ticks (lawyers) in the legal system looking for unjustified ways for their legal bills to be paid, either by fraudulent hooks or by outrageous crookedness.

Oh well, this miscarriage of justice just confirms that there is no fairness or justice in California courts where the corrupt judges refuse to apply the law, especially if they dont like the legal result. The intent of legislative acts or statutes law get conveniently tossed aside. And if you try and fight these injustices, you are financially ruined.

Update : as of August 2017, Judge Vilardi was forced to or chose to retire. Unfortunately we had to voluntarily dismiss the appeal because our incapacitated by cancer, lawyer failed to file the appeal within the 180 time limits allowed. His error has effectively obstructed our path to correcting the miscarriage of justice.

Why are we not surprised ! Our case is a nightmare inversion or perversion of every supposedly legal principle or doctrines of fairness. Be warned, in California, at the family law level, there is no attention paid to Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment’s, Constitutional guarantees of rights of privacy, or due process protections.

California obviously has declared itself as a sanctuary state from the U.S. constitution, because it is apparent that such rights do not apply where the result would be frowned upon.

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The Low Road is Wide ….

The low road is wide and packed with vile, mentality deranged paranoiacs, like our spurned and disgruntled, fatal-attraction type, sperm-stalker.

This soulless hustler is once again, misrepresenting history and corruptly casting out baseless aspersions and mendacious dross to commit fraud upon the courts. She can not accept that she is still, socially insignificant, and apparently losing her shelf life. She believes if she garners enough misplaced sympathy, by employing twisted pity ploys, her irrational strategy will work out to her advantage in the end.

Her tired old antics of making unsubstantiated, red-herring accusations that somehow, –I am “harassing her”– , merely because my husband’s lawyer is submitting factual and legal positions to ask the court to quash her frivilous legal claims of relief, are laughable.

She and her “mooching tick on a soulless troll”, lawyer asked the court for financial reliefs, that the lower court has no authority, or legal power to grant, when the case is already at the appeal court. She preposterously invoked marriage-divorce specific codes, implying that they should apply to her, as a spurned, ex-sperm stalking interloper to extort $70,000 out of us for her yet, non-existent, legal fees, so she could fight our appeal.

The only obvious problem with this strategy is that her own declarations eviscerated her meritless claims of need, and demonstrated that she is not some aggrieved, pro-se litigant, or a party who was ever married to “my husband.”

There are no collaterally related issues at stake that are not otherwise affected by our appeal, that would allow the lower court to even intervene, to grant her bogus entitlement claims for relief. She also complained that my husband should be equitably sanctioned or financially punished, in the amount of $20,000 dollars, for daring to challenge her decits and extrinsic frauds upon the court, by his mounting an appeal to attack the court’s underlying void judgments and orders, proven to be void, as a matter of law, on its face.

The examination of the record, showed that the previous judgments and orders are “wholly void”, for violations of due process and for lack of any fundamental jurisdiction over the parties, which boid acts of the court resulted in a miscarriage of justice.

Apparantly, she does not have the mental capacity to legally analyze statutes, or understand that one can not be unfairly “subjected to” unauthorized, family law proceedings, or prosecuted through unlawful legal means, when a party does not qualify for standing. In effect, if the court violates due process protections, its actions are void acts, that constitute a collusive fraud upon the court.

In this case the court initially, (” ab initio”) had no jurisdictional powers to act, or to intervene, in a private family matter, because the court lacked any further jurisdiction. If a litigant lacks standing, a court has no subject matter jurisdiction over the parties “to proceed”, or to hear the case, “at all”.

( See Reno v. Flores (1993) U.S. Supreme Court case law. [ a court has no authority to intervene in private family matters, when no compelling state interests arise.] ; Librers vs. Black (2005) 129 Cal.App. 4th 114,124.)

These underlying legal facts, as amatter of law, renders all “ensuing judgments and legal proceedings void, as a matter of law.
( See Carlson v. Eassa (1997) 54 Cal. App. 4th 684,690-696.[ an order giving effect to underlying void orders, where there was no fundamental jurisdiction, is itself void, and the unauthorized granting of reliefs the court has “no right to grant “, to one of the parties, … is an appealable judgment.].)

Therefore, if you or your flying monkeys are reading this, the appeal claim is not “baseless”; — and your unethical lawyer is arguably trying to screw you over, for unjust enrichment purposes ! You can’t plead the merits of a case, in a collusive, or an unjusticiable controversy, when there is no underlying legal basis or standing status for the court to hear the defective cause or case, at all.

Do you really think that if you lose, you can pay us back the ungodly amounts of unjustified legal fees or sanctions that you are asking for, before the court has even ruled on the significant, appellate matters at issue ??? Standing or the subject matter jurisdictional issues are threshold questions of law. You either have standing or not. Standing is determined by statute, not by the collusive acts of the court.

At first it appeared that the lower court slapped down her absurd arguments once it realized there was no former marrriage. But her counter argument was that because the court previously granted her and the presumed father, (her real ex-husband) sole legal and physical custody over her marital child, that inapplicable point was a valid legal basis to invoke legal fee claims for the appeal process against a man who has no custody rights, or standing as a presumd parent. Unfortunately such claims for new rights can not be interpreted or acquired from the inapplicable codes she cites.
Cal. Family Code 7605 is not applicable either for legal fee claims.

So tell me, how is it you can get all this pro bono work done for you, if you have, no job, no savings, no assets or money ??

I never cease to be amazed at the levels of false premises you and your unethical mooching tick resort to to justify your unjustified entitlement to steal from others.

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The end is near….

Soon this conning reprobate can go back to her mysterious, offshore, hoor-island, … you know, the one where desperate, petty and jealous sperm stalkers live out their disastrous lives.

We were kept in the dark for seven years about the void nature of the paternity judgment she fraudulently obtained against my husband, against due process protections, based on her outrageous legal fallacies, procedural posturing and felony deceits.

The babymama in our Kaftaesque nightmare was married to another man when her child was born. She and the presumed father deliberately waived their legal right to challenge the marital presumption of parentage that applied to preclude any untimely, government interventions.
Because my husband never had any relationship with the child, during all that time, under California law he did not and could not qualify for any “presumed father status” , or standing which would permit the natural babymama to prosecute or sue him, to in effect challenge the legal presumption of paternity that established only that her previous husband was the only legal father.

Her former husband acted in collusion with her to obstruct the establishment of any other potential father for eight years. He knew about the child during that time frame, but he chose anyway to emotionallly and financially, “aid and abet” the mother’s unilateral conduct or personal choices, to raise her child without any outsider interference from any third parties, such as the despicable and inappropriate, sperm donors wife. Because The presumed father financially supported the child during that time, he is judicially precluded from untimely claiming any right or any entitlement to be disestablished as the only liable, second parent.

The court never established that it had any fundamental or subject matter jurisdiction over my husband to act or to hear the mother’s fraudulent petitions, or to render unauthorized and precipitous adjudications, when there was no factual predicate established or legal basis presented under burdens of prooof for the court to proceed or to act.

The actions of the court are considered to be legal nullities, and worthlesss, making its unlawful judgment or orders, “wholly void” on its face, as a matter of law.

The court must dismiss and vacate the case, because by law, it has no legal discretion to treat void adjudications as if they are valid, when they are not. Which would erroneously give its rulings “undue effect”. ( See: Carlson v. Eassa (1997) 54 Cal. App. 4th 684,691 ; and County of San Diego v. Gorham (2010) 186 Cal. App. 4th 1215, 1225-1226. )

Unfortunately for the babymama, who claimed marital privileges and immunities to obstruct justice, “Res Judicata” principles do not apply to void orders. But principles of estoppel and waiver do.

“Nothing abrogates or otherwise effects waiver and estoppel principles.”
( Cal. Code of Civil Procedure , section 583.140 )

The court has a legal duty to set aside the void judgments and orders.

“Justice means minding one’s own business and not meddling with other men’s concerns” ( quoting Aristotle) ….. And that includes not pissing off the wife of those men !

Virtue is not quality known of a sperm stalker, and time does not confirm void acts.

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Inappropriately Conceived …

Of course I know where most of the blame lies in this sick, baby-mama “by-choice” psychodrama. Without a doubt, my ego-centric, selfish husband played his full part in allowing this obsessed, sperm stalker’s crimes of moral turpitude to get out of hand.

That said, once you review the sordid details of their entanglement, you realize that this manipulative, deceitful, conniving succubus from hell purposely targeted and charmed her way into my husband’s business and personal life.  Calculatingly plotting and scheming to take advantage with her sense of entitlement and chameleon-like ability to change persona.  She suffers from that kind of GONE GIRL” highly disordered psychopathy.  Exhibiting the shocking and appalling behaviors of a malignant, narcissistic social predator or sociopath.

When she set her sights on my husband, she sized him up, determining his emotional vulnerabilities to make herself  “professionally” useful to him.  Mirroring his work values, she “love bombed” him with gratuitous attention, quickly declaring that she was his “soul mate” and dream-girl (even though both of them were married), charming the pants off of him.

He fell hook line and sinker for her many sad tales of woe, quick tears and pity ploys.

Her covert, underhanded, blindsiding tactics allowed her to emotionally blackmail and pressure my husband into agreeing to act as a party to a reproductive arrangement.  Her request that he act “only” as a sperm donor ( because she was married, over 35 and her biological clock was in alarm mode ) was a charade, framed as a mutually-binding, legal consideration, exchanged for a graceful exiting of their past meretricious association.

How could he ever rationally think, after being placed in this compromised situation, that he could make a Faustian deal with this menacing reprobate and assume that there would be no detrimental consequences or blow back ? (HA-HA, not so funny, HA-HA !)  As the saying goes:  “No good deed goes unpunished”.

Cornered, cozened and worn down by her veiled threats, emotional leverage and false promises, he reluctantly agreed to her absurd propositions to participate in a pseudo-“anonymous”, gamete transfer transaction.  He went with her to the Palo Alto, California CryoBank to donate his sperm, under the explicit understanding that he would be legally protected from any consequences arising from her procreation choices, pursuant to CA. Family Code 7613(b) and contract law.

This other ” married woman ” had selected the sperm bank, set up the account, filled out the paperwork and paid for the storage services.  Her then legal husband’s written consent was required to open the account. But, apparently she claimed the donor of the sperm was also her spouse, which of course confused the staff.  Naturally the staff didn’t want to pry into her personal relationship misrepresentations. Their jobs and unborn children’s lives were at stake !

A potential mother’s entitlement to reproductive privacy and the liberty right to procreate, by any lie, trick or unethical means necessary, are paramount and more sacred than any other overriding public policy concerns. Like any considerations of the vested, protected, competing interests of others entangled in this sordid situation, such as those of the wife of the sperm provider.

My husband signed over his rights to his valued sperm, documenting what the “intent of the parties” was for future legal purposes.  Unfortunately, once this evil bitch got total power and control of her intended target’s reproductive little swimmers, there was no end to her reckless and lawless machinations and unabashed subterfuge.   The audacity of her actions make one’s head spin in stunning disbelief.

She finally got pregnant a year later, by stalking down my husband and sexually assaulting him for fresh sperm.  She confronted him and claimed the sperm at the lab was not viable and that if he helped her, one last time, no one would ever know of the actual means of how she got pregnant or the known source of her gamete supply .  She was under the intervening care of her reproductive physicians, so of course she conceived her golden child.  When she went to deliver her precious spawn she told the hospital (under penalty of perjury) that she was married to my husband.  So naturally they put his name on the birth certificate.  Adding to the insanity and criminal felonies of ID theft and frauds, she had the audacity to name her child with my husbands unique names ( JR.).  She did this deliberately to further her hoax and false insinuations that there was a legal family connection when there was none.

When the child was 5 months old I found out about her treachery, frauds and my husband’s betrayals.

Naturally the shit hit the fan !    But later, when I actually heard her admit to her cunning subterfuge and heinous actions (over listened to phone calls that she thought were private between my husband and her),  I called off the divorce.

She was flabbergasted that her malicious plans to destroy my marriage went awry, so she resorted to direct extortion plots.  She threatened to make other unwanted children through IVF procedures with the sperm she was still holding hostage at the CRYOBANK, unless my husband left me for her (now that everything was exposed) or otherwise hand over to her a sixty thousand dollar ($60,000) ransom for the destruction of the remaining unused sperm.  This was veiled as in exchange for correcting the birth certificate frauds and as compensation to change the child’s names.

So much for all those feigned promises made to “my husband” to acquire his sperm so that this delusional woman could keep her private, procreative, adventures in parenting undercover.  This woman is no more than a premeditated child abuser.

This child was intentionally conceived as a substitute relationship for my husband. She wanted to live vicariously through this mini replica of my husband’s DNA because my husband made it clear to her that he did not want a relationship with her.  He thought that by giving her this gift, it would ease his guilt and she would go away.  Fat chance that would happen.

In the end everyone always pays to play with the devil.

At first, I was so gas-lighted and confused over all this emotional trauma, upheaval and mayhem in my life that I never really understood who or what we were dealing with.  But I do now.

My husband was ruthlessly used and exploited. He was emotionally manipulated, conned and extorted.  We both became collateral damage in the wake of the actions of this vengeful sociopath.  Victims of the coldblooded, callous tactics of a narcissistic predator with a perverted, highly disordered, personality psyche.  This clearly explains the why of her malicious smear campaign hurled at us out of revenge and spite, because she did not succeed in destroying our marriage.  Despite her war against my perceived “gross inappropriateness” for fighting back to defend my marriage and for standing up against her bullying, envy and misplaced jealousy.

Oh well, you can’t fix stupid or evil.

Anyway, As any good wife understands, this sperm donor’s wife’s revenge strategy has been to just live my life as well as I can.  Securing my best future.  Reinforcing my boundaries within my marriage, loving my remorseful, accountable husband despite his stupid, horrible betrayals and protecting myself from her unconscionable vitriol by exposing her deceitful agenda to others.

Hopefully Karma and The Truth will be the undoing of this delusional shrew’s treachery when the golden child seeks me out for answers as to why my husband abandoned him.

After all, his mother asked for these sad consequences when she inserted her unscrupulous self into my life without any guilt, shame or remorse.

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The Warped Mind of Female Psychopathy

Arianna ventured down the rabbit hole of adultery.  Unfortunately, I think she will forever be lost in her own “looking glass” of absurd justifications for pursuing a married man.

After countless hours and years of obsessively chronicling about the alleged love betrayals, she is now emotionally coping with this past “detrimental relationship” and her love-interest’s rejection by creating a very interesting blog about her run-in with pathological narcissistic insanities, emotional manipulations and maladjusted reasoning.   (Search for “Psychopaths and Love”.)

Unable to deal with lingering abandonment and trust issues, she is obviously self medicating by sharing her appropriated psychological research and pin-interests.  Magically turning the tables on the male to make him out to be the sociopath. An aggressive, “emotional rapist“.  She reveals or projects all of his perceived tactics of abuse.   Portraying herself, (naturally) as the poor, aggrieved female victim on the receiving end of a doomed-from-the-start, scandalous, dysfunctional, adulterous association or “social liaison”  (AKA: extra-marital affair).

Maybe it is all true, this specious Fatal AttractionLove Story.  But early on, -before she edited her posts- she revealed in her critical analysis of dysfunctional personalities an inconvenient truth.  That in fact, once she knew that the love-of-her-life, soul-meat was married, she could not stop the relationship.  Nope, she just could not control herself and the insanity.

Apparently her emotional undoing was because she was victimized and hooked by this sociopath’s “love-bombing” drama.  But, then again, she really had no other choice but to adapt and become an equally obsessed, stalking sociopath after he rejected her ???  She makes no concession of the possibility that jealousy or revenge might be motivating a spurned ex-lover to lash-out.   Rejection does make for an interesting dynamic in how one depicts or rewrites history. (Her-story)

Typically, in most deranged sociopaths (not so beautiful) minds, they will charmingly reassure you-with plausible lies- that it is or never was their own fault for the consequences of their own emotional arrested development or poorly informed choices.

My first impression of this basically very informative website seemed to be  just “one emotionally unhinged pot calling the other kettle black” !  But it’s worth the read just for the research and thoughts she has compiled.

I would think by now she would have figured it out.

Mentally disturbed reprobates, malignant narcissists or Sociopaths DON’T KNOW WHAT REAL Love Is.  Nor do they know How to Love.   Arianna, dear …. it is time to let it go and move on as a wiser person.

“Covert Emotional Manipulation Tactics” are very descriptive of the damaged, perverted (anti-social) pathologies (tools of deceit) shameless gutter-whores exhibit. The outright utter contempt these female social predators have for the collateral damage they inflict on their targets and their innocent families shows just how unscrupulous and immoral these deviants (“people of the lie”) truly are. Their persistent patterns of wanton, self serving tactics of abuse include using projection, blame-shifting and justifying excuses (means justify the ends) to cover up their wrongdoing. Exposing their total egotistical self-absorption, fraud and reckless disregard for the rights and interests of other people.

And down the rabbit hole of crazy we go…..


Our felony committing, Valkyrie Eugenics inspired, deranged “sperm-stalker” has all the malevolent, “DARK-TRIAD” psycho-traits of the above described social pariahs.  I believe our psycho-bitch from hell is not only delusional and dysfunctional, she is an evil menace to society.

This rational, armchair conclusion that she suffers from some perverted psychopathy seems confirmed by the HARE PSYCHOPATHY CHECKLIST of psychopath behaviors, listed below.

  1. Malignant, narcissistic attitudes and self interested behaviors, seeks attention, has superficial charm, appears to be exciting
  2.  Dis-functionally impulsive, uses flattery and her usefulness to ingratiate herself into her target’s world
  3. Aggrandizement of her unsupported personal and professional accomplishments
  4. Wants others to admire her, so she fronts her character with “used” or fake prestigious, status symbols of success. (Mostly bought off EBAY)
  5.  Uses exploitative social strategies, pathological mendacity (lies), commits frauds and deceits and uses other Machiavellian behaviors to covertly manipulate others to get her way.   “The ends justify the means” life approach.
  6.  Considers herself extremely intelligent, above others, “gifted” and “special.    Brags about her superior aptitudes and cleverness to others.
  7.  Callous,  insensitive disdain or unconcern for the feelings of others;
  8.  Is without conscience.  Has NO concern for morality or the morality of her actions,
  9.  Lacks remorse, cynical,  and has shallow emotions.
  10. Displays a gross and persistent attitude of irresponsibility and disregard for social norms, rules, and obligations.  Often squanders resources.  A profligate, heedless lifestyle.
  11. Incapacity to maintain enduring relationships, although they have no difficulty in establishing them.
  12. Very low tolerance to frustration and a low threshold for discharge of aggression, including rage, tantrums. Holds grudges.
  13. Incapacity to experience guilt or to profit from experience, particularly punishment;
  14. Markedly prone to blame others or  offers plausible, “justifying” rationalizations for the behavior that has brought the person into conflict with society.
  15. Always expects special favors from others
  16. Sexually deviant and licentious.
  17. Plays the poor, damsel in distress, victim card regularly to exploit others or entrap them. ( Borderline pathology)
  18.  Persistent irritability ,…..  “scary” when challenged …     ( Can it be it’s because she can’t contain her disdain and contempt for you ?)

To understand more about predatory psychopathy I recommend you read this blog:

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Most people would find it shocking to discover that in California, despite mandatory spousal consent laws and information material for disclosure purposes in conducting transactions that might affect future marital property interests, California CRYO Banks don’t bother to verify the sensitive nature of relationships of known parties to ask them proper consent questions when they broker, as a third party, sperm donation transactions.

I am not discussing anonymous contributions, pay to play deals, where a CRYOBANK tests, screens and resells the sperm for a profit.

I’m talking about the fact that any hustler with a vagina can “open an account” and get an otherwise, emotionally unavailable,  known sperm donor to go in and deposit sperm for her amoral, recreational, reproductive uses without alerting a married donor’s spouse to the suspicious transaction, that could possibly affect her future marital property equity interests.

Apparently in the eyes of altruistic institutions such as CALIFORNIA CRYOBANK, married men own their sperm.  They consider these unique, disposable, tadpole swimmers (gamete substances) to be the “separate property” of a male donor and thus a man does not need to get his wife’s consent to “gift” his sperm away to parties “outside of” the marriage.

But in the reverse situation, women whose positions, which are “similarly situated”, like being “married”  are held to a much stricter standard.  They must get the written consent of their spouse to gift their female gamete substances away.  Even if a woman is not married, but in a relationship with a significant other, she still needs her sexual partner’s consent and written permission to contract out her eggs to another third party.  Women it seems are treated as chattel or second class citizens.  Who do not have the proper sensibilities to control the use of their “separate property” eggs.

You would think with equal protection, due process laws in place… What is good for the GOOSE,  should be good for the GANDER ???

But, OOOpps…. apparently that would be an inappropriate, biased assumption.  Male ducks can be promiscuous as heck, with no accountability.  But let’s see,  Geese ?  Well, gggeeseus ….  they get asked such invasive questions as to “who is their actual goose husband” or “what goose are they regularly shagging or living with ?”   And sorry gals,   but us Cryobanks need to protect our legal behinds and we need that male’s  signature for such a goose-gamete egg transfer.

Back in 2001, when I found out that my ducky husband had been deceitfully manipulated and cozened into acting as a known sperm donor for his sociopathic business “friend”, who was a married woman, I tracked down and called up the mystery sperm bank and was told outright that I had no right, whatsoever to ask any personal questions about my husband’s ejaculation “transaction”.  That, by the way, blatantly violated California marital consent laws.  The bank was appalled at my rightous indignation.  So they characterized my justified alarm and concerns for my interests as being inappropriate, rude and claimed I was unduly aggressive towards their staff. Because I dared to challenge their donor consent policies and to ask personally invasive questions about the sperm recipient.

To conduct a business in California, a business has to follow all of California’s laws.  CA. CryoBank (CCB ) apparently felt certain inconvenient, pesky CA. transaction laws do not apply to their sperm banking operations.

Unfortunately, it took seven more years and a discovery subpoena to finally uncover all the deceptions committed by the unscrupulous sperm recipient. She had fraudulently misrepresented material facts, (like, alleging that my husband was her spouse with a different last name) to open her sperm bank account.  She was maliciously able to do things like this without any proof (-i.e., a marriage certificate) to verify her relationship status in order to skirt legal hurdles.   HER word was good enough for them in their books.

No wonder the sperm bank was so arrogantly hostile to me.  I was cast in the worst of light by the toxic dispersions of an interloper’s smear campaign. Who told the clinic that I was the EX-WIFE, when that was a lie. CCB was covering their legal backside, because they knew they had never bothered to ask my husband  “who he was actually married to” when he filled out their vague information questionnaire.   They just asked him, “if” he was married.   Then he just handed over his little cup, full of SWEDISH SPERM and signed away his rights to the use of his superior “sailors”.  If they had asked relevant consent questions like, …. is this woman opening the account your wife ?….perhaps the sperm bank just might have discovered there was a possible conflict of legal interests and fraud.

Those pesky, investigative, invasions of personal situations are just so inappropriate to ask a man according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.   But for a woman, no question or personal detail is beyond scrutiny.  Sperm is just a commodity that ethically blind Sperm-Banks profit from.  So storing coveted sperm for some manipulative, lying hustler was no problem, because the crone paid the bill.

As certain truths game to light that year, my husband asked that the remaining ( supposedly  non-viable) sperm held by CCB be destroyed.  We argued this because the deranged Babymama had by deceits and false promises coerced my husband into donating sperm to her and then later she reneged on all the legal considerations made in order for this suspicious property transfer to have happened.

The indignant babymama refused to close her CCB account and destroy the remaining sperm upon my husband’s requests.  She Challenged both us and the CCB, claiming that my husband’s sperm (acquired by frauds) was her sole, legal property !    

In order to determine who owned the suspect, remaining sperm still in CCB ‘s possession, CCB told us we needed to go to court to litigate the matter.  Forcing us to hire a lawyer to protect our interests in the disputed sperm property, which had been taken hostage and was being held for a $60K ransom by the evil, succubus from HELL.

CCB did agreed to “freeze” the disputed account, because of the woman’s ever growing, outrageous conduct, exposure of her lies, hoaxes and other obvious crimes and deceptions.  Their policies and contract dictated that if the social parasite “was married”, then technically her real husband’s written consent was required to open an account!  Voiding the storage contract.

The petulant shrew threw herself into a fit of indignant rage.  With her twisted, perverted tantrums she decided to show us who had true integrity and who held the moral high ground. Declaring that if we wanted a war, she would gladly wage a WAR on us and our marriage.

She continued her madness by holding my husband’s sperm hostage and for ransom for the next 18 months.  In fact, she threatened him with procreating other unwanted, possible spawns unless he gave into her extortion demands.

In 2008, the sociopathic Stalker submitted colorful pleadings and perjurious declarations to the court to procure inappropriate paternity actions against the sperm donor. She rewrote history and described this prior incident with the California Cryobank (during 2001 to 2003) to the judge as us – contemptuously harassing her, (by us merely hiring a lawyer (in 2002) to deal with her frauds) and perjured documents and lies, – and to mischaracterize our actions as somehow, an aggressive, “vindictive” attack on her dignity and indignant integrity. An unwarranted intrusion on her rights of privacy and liberty rights to create and raise her conceptions as she damn well pleased, without any outsider interferences.

It is a Good thing … Big numbers on lawsuits have a way of humbling the most arrogant !

If ardent feminists want to yell loudly … “Women’s bodies, Women’s choices !!!” … Then how about arguing it should then be a Women’s total responsibility ?

Look,  If some perverted, sperm-stalking psycho-bitch or mentally-deficient harridan wants to gallivant about the streets, being wildly promiscuous and unencumbered by life’s realities and consequences, choosing to have unprotected sex and then later on making the unilateral, one sided choice to bear a child…  then by all means, go ahead with your little vanities, have at it.   But you dear, are on your on.  If you want to play in the big girl leagues, you need to be the one who pays for your absurd indiscretions and choices.

Just don’t ask me ( the betrayed wife) to pay for your adultery, sins or your vain, malicious procreation choices.  Unless you want me to now also play a MOMMY role ?

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