California Court corrupts due process rights

Well, well….
I have to eat crow. Our lawyer informed us that the court slapped down the babymama attorney’s arguments at the hearing, and demanded that if she wanted to make a new motion, she needed to submit that motion by July 6th. Nothing happened. She did not submit further pleadings. We thought the matter was resolved. The lower court had no power to act because the case was at the appeal level. The lower court is barred by law from acting.

At the end of July we received the courts bizarre legal ruling. Which defies all logic or reason. Apparently the judge forget her own oral rulings at the hearing, and upon a later date in her chambers after re-reading the unsupported merits, and by perhaps confusing the case with another case, she decided she could go ahead and award legal fees against two unmarried persons, when the Ca. Family Code section 2030 she cited for the award is specific only to divorce proceedings. But the two people never were married, or subject to the court’s juisdiction. So the invoked code is inapplicable, and the ruling is against law. Because the court had no subject matter jurisdiction over the parties to hear the case or to act, again its order is VOID ON ITS FACE, or a legal nullity. In effect it is no judgment because it is Constitutionally invalid.

The ALAMEDA COUNTY, CA. FAMILY COURT IS OUT OF CONTROL. Judge ALICE VILARDI is stunningly corrupt or at worst incompetent. She belligerently and flagrantly abuses her authority or judical power to destroy the Constitutional rights of parties she doesn’t personally like, merely because they dared to challenge her previous, incompetent, void and invalid orders in the APPELLATE COURT.

Which is the only interpretation one can draw as to why she sanctioned my husband for $12,000 under Family code 271. But she failed to give an actual finding of specific conduct that warranted a sanction, especially when the parties did not live in Cslifornia, or were ever married. Filing an appeal against an invalid, void order is not a frivolous act or an act that obstructs justice. The judge is abusing her discreation in defiance of the law.

The California Judicial Performance Review Board, just sits on it hands and does nothing to affect these color of law abuses.
They must be in on the rigged game to abuse men to enrich the mooching ticks in the legal system looking for ways for their legal bills to be paid, by fraudulent hooks or by outrageous crookedness.

Oh well, this absurity opens the door for another appeal filing. Because it is void on its face, as a matter of law.

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